BrillBird News

Colorful glittering acryl nails by Orsolya Kárpáti

An amazing acryl nail sculpting from colorful powders and Magic 8 glittering powder.

Baby boomer nails by Adrienn Herczeg

The popularitiy of Baby Boomer nails is unbroken. A beautiful acrylic nails design step-by-step we bring to you.

Nude Builder Gel&Lac Step by Step by Ágnes Majoros

Our new hit in nail sculpting is the Nude Builder Gel&Lac. In these SBS you could know everything about the different ways of usage of Nude Builder Gel&Lac.

Salon Nails Premier with a bunch of novelties

Just a couple of days ago we have lunched our exuberant fall/winter colors and the latest innovations at BrillBird Salon Nails Premier. Come with us and explore the hits of the next season.

Inspiration photos

The well-known,BrillBird master educators work inspire you for your next great nail composiotion. Wether you like nail sculpting or decoration, among the photos of our professional educators and masters you will find the perfect inspiration.