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Colorful glittering acryl nails by Orsolya Kárpáti

An amazing acryl nail sculpting from colorful powders and Magic 8 glittering powder.

1. Prepare the natural nailplate with Nail Prep and Priemer2.

2.Use Cover Pink and Glassy Pink acryl powder for nailbed extension and after pinch it.

3. Form the nailbed extension and file the smile line.

4.Mix color acryl powder and Magic 8 powder and start to form the free edge.

5.Mix another color acryl powder with Magic 8 powder and do the color mashing at the free edge.

6.Apply Clear acryl powder to the free edge, not to file out the color mashing, after pinch the nail.

7.Use Extra Top shine, after curing use Brush&Go Gel for decoration.