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Can gel&lacs change their color due to UV/led light?

  • Posted: Jun/07/18 3:08 PM
  • Category: Nail News

Have you ever experienced that after curing a gel&lac, or applying the top coat, your color has changed? Maybe during a holiday, or after a sunbed session, your client’s nails are lighter than before? Here is the reason why these things can sometimes happen!

1.) We always add to a special UV filter and a special ingredient to make the colors brighter.

2.) After curing, there is a chemical process where pigments TEMPORARILY go slightly darker or have a yellowing effect.  This does depend on the power of your UV/LED lamp too (18W Vogue, 36W Elegant / LED Pro Max or 48W BrillBird Pro lamp)

 So take it easy! You and your client can keep calm and carry on! This change is not happening to all the colors and it is not always visible.  Even if it is, it is really hard to see a real difference.

This is not a specification of the BrillBird products, as it is an optical phenomenon of a chemical process, and in most cases the nail regains its original color within one hour. EXCEPT for when being exposed to a very high level of UV radiation, such as during the summer season. In this case the optical colour brightener (it has a bluish tinge) in the topgel is being activated, and it is gives the colour a darker tone.

This is even more visible on pink and red colors, and the discolouration is particularly noticeable due to the uneven coating with the top shine gel. The reason why the client experiences this for a few days is because the discolouration disappears for the night but during that time she is asleep. On a cloudy day it disappeares as well, but becomes visible again on a sunnier day. 

During summertime professionals must succeed using the materials under extreme conditions. Especially when 7-8 UVB radiation is experienced. In such case, darker colors react like hair or dark clothes, so if we are exposed to sunlight for a long time our haircolour will fade, and if we leave our clothes in the Sun they will fade as well indeed.

You will not experience a significant fading with the colors of BrillBird because before a color is being introduced in our product range we test it for a long time including a fading test too.