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International BrillBird Nail Camp 2016

  • Posted: Aug/08/16 10:20 AM
  • Category: Nail News

Great success at the second International Nail Camp! More than 10 Master certificates, 2 Superior certificates!

The whole team with Hungarian, French, Greek, Polish, Czech nail artists and trainers spent a lovely week at Kerekegyhaza at the second BrillBird Nail Camp.


We started the camp with a little game to warm up the participants. The tables - teams had to create and decorate a pinata which was filled with all kind of sweets and nailart bits. After that acrylic sculpture was the main event. Our trainers created a Elliptic and mini Salon Pipe nails. In the evening some dancing cheered up the girls.


We had two days for sculpture, one for acrylic and one for gel and two days of nailart with several techniques. Every evening was closed with an exam.

It was five days full of fun, education and international friendship! Hope to see You too next year.


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