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On the Facebook we crossed the magic threshold, BrillBird have more than 100.000 like , every day more people following us , curious works of instructors , nail samples submitted by customers , promotions . On this occasion, it was elegant purple nails.

Purple Glitter Nail

Step by step

Zsuzsi Laki

1) Prepare the nails after use BrillBird Bond Gel for a perfect grip.

2) Prepare the nails and place the BB double winged nail form according to the required nail shape.

3) Next create a base layer of BB Iron Gel.

4) Sculpt the nail bed extension with BB Cover Flesh Gel.
5) Cover with BB PinkGel-Glassy builder gel.
6) Apply C46 and B19 gel on the free edge.
7) Use Shadow Gel brush.
 8) Curing and cleansing the nails after prepare the cover layer with BB Iron Gel and Gel Hard brush.
 9) Finish the nails with BrillBird Top Finish Gel.