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Ungár Katalin

About BrillBird

BrillBird philosophy

About BrillBird BrillBird philosophy In the word BrillBird ’Brill’ signifies precious stone; it is clean, shiny, sparkling from all angles yet in the same time it is tough and timeless. BrillBird products are the same: clean, sparkling and resist the passing of time – they are created to last. From this parallel comes the BrillBird slogan: your nail is your jewel. The second part of the word BrillBird is ‘Bird’, a stylized bird, the symbol of freedom and the soaring high; with the assorted and varied materials and sophisticated tools of BrillBird everyone can taste the creative freedom of beautiful nails.

BrillBird style

It is the most exciting task to create harmony between fashion and style, they seem so similar, yet they are truly different: fashion is dynamic, fast-paced, changing at least every six month, style is constant and is independent of the fast changing world of fashion. Style also renews itself in certain aspects and details, yet it always retains the unique and essential part of its character. BrillBird changes together with fashion: there are always new colors, new techniques and new developments, but in the meantime it has its own unique style independent of the whims of fashion, that is a safe anchor amidst the storm of changes: the BrillBird style is elegance.


Katalin Ungár

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BrillBird Brush & GO Gel & Lac Step by Step

BrillBird Brush & GO Gel & Lac Step by Step

Only one layer and it is done! Wondeful nails only in 20 minutes. Material usage reduced to its 1/4.

Step by Step

Step by Step

Nail Step By Step photo gallery. Nail technician guide with BrillBird products.